How to Save Money on Wireless Service?

Are you surprised by the increasing amount in your phone bills? Want to cut down on that? Then it’s time that you start taking some measures for the same.

Most people nowadays use smartphones with a data plan, and with that they’re surfing the internet, checking up their email accounts, uploading and downloading pics, texting and do lots of other stuffs. As a result, the amount on the bills is considerably rising. Are you one of them? Then this article is just for you! Continue reading to know about some tips and measures that you can adopt to save money on phone bills.

Tip no. 1: Finding a new plan for your services

Do you talk much during night hours or during a specific time period? Do you talk to a group of people more often than others? If you answer yes to any of the above, then it’s time to switch to a new plan as per your use.

Many service providers now offers various call plans such as free calls to the same network during night hours or at lower caller rates to a specific number or a group of numbers. Therefore to save money on phone bills, its better that you choose a plan that suits your usage pattern best and offers flexibility.

Tip no 2: switch to free messaging apps

Do you text a lot? Then instead of paying for each text that you send, why not switch to free messaging apps? Lots of apps for this purpose are available on the net which you can download for free and use it to send unlimited texts for free, nationally or internationally! But the problems with these apps are that they require internet connection all the time to send and receive texts. But when you already have a data plan or are connected to a Wi-Fi, this doesn’t seem a bad option after all, does it?

Another option that you can consider is getting a message pack which is lot cheaper than paying for each text.

Tip no. 3: Log onto Wi-Fi

Do you often run out of your monthly data before the end of that month? Surfing the internet and downloading files over a cell network consumes large amount of data, and on exceeding the data limit, you will be charged extra. So what do you do? Simply try using Wi-Fi whenever available, be it your home, office or a public place! It’s comparatively fast and doesn’t use up your data allocation.

Tip no. 4: Turn off roaming

If you travel a lot, then it’s better that you turn off roaming. Even when you don’t make or receive calls, you may be charged because your phone may get connected to other networks in that place.

Tip no. 5: Use employee discounts

If your employer provides you some incentives related to phone bills, transportation, housing, then why not take advantage of it?

There are lots of ways that you can adopt to save money on phone bills. By going prepaid and knowing the limits, getting rid of landline phones when you already have a cell phone, choosing the best plan as per your need, you can save quite an amount on phone bills.

Free Cell Phone Service a Scam?

Cell phones are the indispensable parts of our life and their impact cannot be ignored. No one can deny their importance in our lives. Seeing the popularity of the phones, phone service providers have increased their rates as they know that the public cannot renounce the use of cell phones now. It is true that cell phones are compulsory for today’s time but more than a requirement it has become an addiction.

Many people cannot undertake the pressure of their increasing bills and therefore they are looking for ways to lower them. Free cell phone services are the result of this. Many government and non-government organization are providing these free phone services. Government organizations which are providing the free phone service are SafeLink Wireless and TracFone. These companies offer Lifeline program which is supported by the US government. Assurance and ReachOut wireless also provides free call minutes and text messages to their customers.

Many people are confused about these schemes. How can anyone give anything for free of cast? The reasons of worries are not worthless. It is true that no company can offer their services for free. If they do so, how will they pay to their employees? How will they pay the tax? And what will be their profit? These questions amuse people and compel them to think of them as scams.

Here we will discuss how SafeLink, TracFone, Assurance Wireless and ReachOut wireless can provide free phone services. Lifeline subsidies are the government subsidies to offer discounted phone services to the income eligible peoples. Many of the network providers give discounted phone services to their customer. Some network providers that are already offering the low cost services use the Lifeline program of the government and provide completely free of cost service to their customers.

Lifeline provides subsidy to the income eligible Americans and then phone service providers such as TracFone and Assurance Wireless convert that subsidy into the free call minutes and thus they are paid.

There is a misconception that the government is providing the free phones but the phones are provided by the company itself. Some companies such as TracFone, Assurance Wireless and ReachOut wireless are providing the cell phones for free but AT&T provides them on discounted rates. These mobile phones are fully loaded phones such as Samsung S4 or iPhone but they provide simple phones through calling and texting can be done. ReachOut wireless provides old refurbished phones to the customers.

After discussing these things, one can say that, it is not impossible for the phone companies to offer free phone services to the subscribers. They have a systematic plan to make their income. By giving free phones they are also marketing their phones and services. The whole thing looks like they are connected with some noble cause and it gives them positive publicity. So we can say that, these free phone services are not scam, but one should choose wisely. With some precautions you can choose a legit and real free phone service provider.

Here’s the #1 Way to Get Free Cell Phone Service – And I’ll Prove it to You!

Do you want to get rid of your monthly cell phone bill payments? If yes, then you should try to get details on Lifeline program of US government. Probably you may think that there is no way of getting a free cell phone services because call charges are day by day increasing significantly. Well, that’s true that not everyone can get free cell phone service, but those, who need it badly, they can surely get. Under Lifeline program, US authorities are planning to provide cell phone services for free with a fully featured cell phone. Well, Lifeline program is today’s #1 way of getting free cell phone service without any problem.

Why it is Free?

Do you remember that what happened when recession has destroyed many big firms and industries? Thousands of employees have lost their jobs, and many of them lost their finance too. The economic structure of companies had come down on their knees and in such situation many people were troubling because of money problems. During such time maintenance of cell phone, bill was truly unaffordable for people. Many individual were thinking about stopping use of cell phones, and then government has brought the Lifeline plan in the field of cell phones. Today every financially weak person is utilizing the cell phones and having free calling minutes too.

How Can You Get It?

Everything can be achieved after following the proper procedure, and that’s what in matter of free cell phone services. You have to know the proper way of getting it so that you can compare yourself with the conditions necessary for qualification. If you are a contribute in any state-federal service, like in food stamp, public housing assistance, etc., then you can have this free cell phone service.

Another way is if your total revenue is below 135%. Thus, you can apply for a free cell phone service. Well doesn’t be worry about the system because if you will qualify, then you will surely get your free cell phone. Another good thing you will have in your cell phone is free calling facility. Now you get confused about how you will get free calling facility? Well, Lifeline program mainly works to provide 250 free calling minutes through which you can make free calls of 250 minutes. After that, you need to pay according to calling charges but till 250 minutes you can talk for free.

There are few additional benefits also you will get. Whether you want to find a job, or you want to get support of medical services, you will get it easily through your free handset. The US authorities are thoroughly desperate to reduce financial complications of people’s life. Now I have told you this no one way of getting free cell phone, so you should use it if you need free calling facility with a cell phone. Cell phone will be good according to all your modern needs.